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I wrote this song as a creative project in my 10th grade Honors English class after reading "1984" by George Orwell.


He was just a sad man
rewriting the past
double plus afraid of rats

He hated society
just wanted to be free
in a fair Democracy

But this was 1984
Oceania was at war
with Eastasia or Eurasia
no one quite knows which
but they all know that Goldstein's a bad guy

Then he met a stranger
At times he hated her
then he wanted to mate with her

They were totes rebellious
and joined a group against
Big Brother and the rest

But this was 1984
Your old guy friend has busted down your hideout door
Big Brother and the telescreens
know just what you've done
so welcome Winston to Room 101

But this is 1984
get those rats away from him
he don't love her anymore
2+2=4, no wait it equals 5
He realizes who he loves
and dies


from more now than before, released January 27, 2017
written and performed by: Channing Olivia Hyde

produced by: Braden Dose and Channing Olivia Hyde

inspired by the novel "1984" by George Orwell



all rights reserved


Channing Olivia Hyde Salt Lake City, Utah

Channing used to be a human, but then being basic got the best of her and she turned into a Snapchat filter dog.

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